Junebug & The Reverend

Junebug & The Reverend

(8m, 4w; Some May Be Double-Cast; Multi-Location Set)
70 Minutes
Children’s Play, Drama, Realistic
Junebug, The Reverend, Mama, Tasha, Miss Williams, Greg, Darryl, Mr. Olsen, Ron, Brandon, Dad, Cassie
A heart-warming story of unlikely friendships and the triumph of spirit over real-life obstacles. Junebug earned his nickname back at the projects where he had a goody goody reputation and a habit of “bugging” everyone with too many questions. Now his Mom has taken a job at a retirement community promising him and his little sister a safer, happier home. But adjusting to living among old people, fighting off the bullies at his new school and, above all, finding a father figure to captain him through the difficulties of adolescence turn out to be rough sailing for our young hero. Ages 6 and up.

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“A gentle, disarming play…” – Washington TimesRead Full Review

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