Two Halves of a Circle

Two Halves of a Circle:

Ronald and Nancy Reagan

(1 m, 1w; Simple set with furniture suggesting various interiors)


The National Portrait Gallery


80 minutes


Play for Adults, Drama


Ronald Reagan – 40th President of the United States

Nancy Reagan – his wife


As Patti Davis described them, Ronald and Nancy Reagan were like two halves of a circle, joined together as an impenetrable force against the outside world, an outside world which often included their own children.  “Two Halves…” is about the remarkable 52 year marriage of the Reagans, from the earliest days of their life together in Hollywood, to a political career that culminated in an eight year presidency, and ultimately to President Reagan’s death from a ten-year battle with Alzheimer’s Disease.

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*Property of the National Portrait Gallery and not available for future productions.