101 Dalmatians

When Mr. and Mrs. Dearly welcome a new litter of Dalmatians to their 1950s London home, Cruella de-Vil is quick to plot their kidnap. Loving puppy parents Pongo and Missis discover their location, and set out on a harrowing adventure through the countryside to rescue their puppies.

junebugJunebug & The Reverend

A heart-warming story of unlikely friendships and the triumph of spirit over real-life obstacles. Junebug earned his nickname back at the projects where he had a goody goody reputation and a habit of “bugging” everyone with too many questions.

The Thing of It Is

Two life long friends on a cross-country trip examine their relationship following a fateful encounter in a Pittsburgh Motel Six.

common threadslincoln

Common Threads

Common Threads examines the lives of three extraordinary women during a tumultuous time in United States history.  Mary Lincoln, Varina Davis, and Elizabeth Keckley, were profoundly changed by the war, and shared an unlikely common bond of disillusionment, sorrow, betrayal, and loss.

Migrant Voices

Dorothea Lange’s Depression era photographs are the inspiration for this series of inter-woven monologues of five women who experience reconciliation, love, strength, endurance, and longing in America’s heartland.

Two Halves of a Circle

As Patti Davis described them, Ronald and Nancy Reagan were like two halves of a circle, joined together as an impenetrable force against the outside world, an outside world which often included their own children.



In this musical retelling of the classic Victorian-era book, Heidi moves from a small Swiss village to the Alps, to Frankfurt, Germany, and back to her beloved mountains (complete with singing goats!).


stretchmarks1Stretch Marks

A sometimes-comic-sometimes-poignant look at women and the neurotic relationships they endure.